Voodoo land

by The Blues Rebels

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The second album by The Blues Rebels, produced by Blues hall-of-fame artist Joe Louis Walker!

We are proud to present to you "Voodoo land", the new album by The Blues Rebels.
For this album, the band decided to re-connect with Blues hall-of-fame member Joe Louis Walker, who had played several shows with them in 2013. Walker returned to Israel in the winter of 2016 to produce the album, which contains 12 new compositions by Dov Hammer and Andy Watts, featuring the bands signature sound, incorporating Blues, rock and funk, and includes a special guest appearance by Joe Louis Walker himself.
Check out track 13, an electronic remix of "Well run dry" - Blues meets electronic music!

The Blues Rebels began in 2012 as a one-time friendly jam between two veteran Blues artists – guitarist Andy Watts and singer/harmonica player Dov Hammer (who had previously played also with Zora Young, Deitra Farr, Billy Branch, Paul deLay, "King" Earnest Baker and many other American Blues artists) .
The immediate chemistry between the two and the powerful stage show that resulted was undeniable. The Blues Rebels soon became one of the hottest Blues bands on the Israeli scene, playing with world-class Blues artists such as Joe Louis Walker, Lucky Peterson and Bernard Allison. The band was also chosen to open for the legendary Johnny Winter, who told the band how impressed he was by their performance.
In March 2015 the band released its first self produced album "Open road" which received much praise from many Blues publications in Europe and the USA, as well as plenty of radio play in Europe and Israel.
We hope you enjoy "Voodoo land"!

The critics RAVE!!
"Energizing musicianship and spot-on songwriting…Hammer and his fellow Rebels make magic in Voodoo land!" – Rainey Wetnight, "Blues Blast" magazine (USA)

"Dov Hammer and Andy Watts know how to write a Blues tune. Songs like the title track, "Good enough", "Well run dry" and "Everybody loves my baby" (which features Joe Louis Walker) grab you the first time around. The band are good and the harmonica playing is of the highest order" – Stuart Hamilton "The Rocker" (UK)

"A top notch CD. The band brings a mix of Chicago blues, rock, soul and jazz. They play well together, the texts are clear and musically their stuff is varied and is well put together. .. A great album that can also lead to The Blues Rebels towards being better known internationally." – Eric Kampfens "Blueszine NL" (Holland)

"This band can rock!" –"Bman's Blues report"

"A superb record" –"Rootstime"(Belgium)

For further info about The Blues Rebels, see our website:
Contact us: Tel: +972-50-6236684


released May 21, 2016


Track 13 produced by Amir Hacohen

Dov Hammer - Vocals and harmonica
Andy Watts - guitar and backing vocals
Amos Springer - bass guitar and backing vocals
Avi Barak - drums, percussion and backing vocals

Joe Louis Walker - Lead vocals on track 6, backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Matan Ashkenazy - keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals

Recorded , mixed and mastered by Matan Ashkenazi at "Ozen Muzikalit" Studio , Kibbutz Ma'abarot, Israel, February - March 2016

Track 13 produced by Amir Hacohen

Cover art and design by Betty Maoz
Photo by Peter Vit
Blues Rebels logo designed by Steve Moors

Dov Hammer plays Seydel harmonicas
Andy Watts endorses David Laboga Speaker Cabinets

The Blues Rebels wish to thank : Joe Louis Walker, Matan Ashkenazy, Manolo Kleinhause, Betty Maoz, Anat Meromi, Yahav Eshed , Ilya Kutuzov, Peter Vit, Amir Hacohen

Joe Louis Walker wishes to thank: Robin Poritzky, Mascot/Provogue, Bullseye management and The Blues Rebels

Guitars and amplifiers used on this album:
Fender Stratocaster 1956
Fender Stratocaster 1964
Fender Stratocaster 1969
Gibson Les Paul 1954
Gibson ES 335 1959
Marshall Super Lead 1969
Fender Twin Reverb 1965
Special thanks to amp tech Nahum Flumenboim

Dedicated to the memory of our heroes, BB King and Johnny Winter – two true giants, whose music changed our lives



all rights reserved


The Blues Rebels Israel

"The Blues Rebels are one of the best bands anywhere - look for their new album, out now!" - Joe Louis Walker, member of the Blues hall of fame.
Featuring the virtuoso guitar of Andy Watts and the soulful vocals and harmonica of Dov Hammer, this Blues-Rock supergroup, who played with Joe Louis Walker, Lucky Peterson and opened for Johnny Winter really rocks - check out the Blues Rebels!
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Track Name: Changed my ways
I used to fuss
I used to fight
I used to get drunk every night
Living fast
And on the run
Never trusted anyone
I ain't that way no more nowadays
I try to keep my madness in its place
I done changed my ways

Drove the wrong side of a
One way street
Always landed on my feet
Life on the edge
Don't look down
Fell overboard but I didn't drown
I don't know how I survived those crazy days
There's a corner in my soul where the fire stays
I done changed my ways

You might think
I look cool
Don't mistake me for a fool
Ice on top
Lava below
You never know, when it might blow
Don't be fooled by the smile that's on my face
Beware the bear, even in my peaceful phase
Track Name: Voodoo land
Mama told papa pack up man
We're moving to the Promised Land
Just as soon as we hit these shores
They promised us peace and the welcome was war

Living on the shifting sands – down in voodoo land
Everyday you make a stand – down in voodoo land
Say goodbye say a prayer,
Sing of hope and talk despair
It's a wild ride to live down here
down in voodoo land

Grew up in a city of stone
Holy mountains and a valley of bones
Call it a land of milk and honey
Honey is milked by the men with the money
The Prophets rage on, the kings ignore
Covet all they see, always taking more
There's a storm blowing in, a change in the weather
Heads are rolling in the eastern deserts
Living on the shifting sands – down in voodoo land
Everyday you make a stand – down in voodoo land
Say goodbye say a prayer,
Sing of hope and talk despair
It's a wild ride to live down here
down in voodoo land

The rules are changing, troubling signs
Better think twice, don't speak your mind
Going to war over god and land
Dangerous times for a logical man

Living on the shifting sands – down in voodoo land
Everyday you make a stand – down in voodoo land
Say goodbye say a prayer,
Sing of hope and talk despair
It's a wild ride to live down here
down in voodoo land
Track Name: Good enough for the Blues
My heart is heavy, my spirit torn
An endless journey ever since I was born
The road is rough and time takes its toll
Sometimes I wonder who owns my soul
Not satisfied, but it's
Good enough for the Blues

One wrong roll of the dice
I'm still paying such a heavy price
Been here too long, and I believe
It's almost time for me to leave
It's never fair but it's
Good enough for the Blues

My sight is blurred, my mission clear
I'm on the run but I got no fear
One step forward two steps back
I lost my way, but now I'm back on track
It's never perfect but it's
Good enough for the Blues
Track Name: Well run dry
White hot light, sweat soaked night
My mind is wired and my skin feels too tight
Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies
But the smile I'm wearing feels like a disguise
And I don't know why I try
And I feel my well has run dry

Bored to tears in the virtual sphere
Too much spare time, too much fear
It's a digital age, and I'm an analogue guy
So just go with the flow, and stop asking why
Every move you make is on file
And I feel my well has run dry

Everybody’s looking for someone to blame
Dealing with the devil, stealing in the Lord’s name
Selling peace, buying war, it's all a waste of time
Too many monkeys trying to signify
And I move through town just like a spy
And I feel my well has run dry
Track Name: Someday
Smile at me then you turn away
Try to hide the truth your eyes betray
You know your lying hurts me to the core
But I'll just keep on coming back for more

I know you're
gonna treat me right – someday baby
I know some day
You will see the light – someday baby

I saw you last night on the far side of town
Laughing with strangers, putting me down
I woke this morning and all my dreams were gone
Got to find a way to keep dreaming on

You think I'm
Just gonna fade away someday baby
You'll be glad
I'm the one who stays someday baby

I keep on trying to win back your love
Feels like dying, but I can't give it up

You know my love
Will never let you down – no,no baby
I'll be here when you
Finally come around – someday baby
Track Name: Everybody loves my baby
Chorus: Everybody loves my baby
Everybody wants a piece
Everybody loves my baby – Oh yeah, oh yeah
Everybody loves my baby
Everybody wants a piece
Everybody loves my baby – oh yeah

Cab drivers love her 'cause she always tips
The waiter's crazy about the way she sips
The admiral just wants her to sink his ships
The lion tamer wants her to snap his whip

The bankers love her 'cause her credit is good
Mechanics want to look under her hood
The chef is dying to cook her food
The carpenter is trying to sell her his wood

The doctor loves her cause her health is so fine
The dentist loves her 'cause her teeth are in line
The fortune teller's looking for a sign
The bartender trying to give her more wine

The policeman slapped the cuffs on her wrists
The prosecutor says that she tried to resist
The witnesses forgot what they witnessed
The judge said "case dismissed"
Track Name: Burning deep
The empty road, that's where I belong,
Many miles of loneliness, is my song
Can't see where I'm going, 'cause you made me blind
Another long night and another long ride
I got the blues burning deep inside of me
You got to love me baby, or set me free
Babe you bring the best of the worst out in me

I tried to do right, but it always was wrong
We can't stay apart and we can't get along
The Blues is calling – do I pick up the phone?
Those same old demons are calling me home
I got the blues burning deep inside of me
I'm gonna take you to hell, or the deep blue sea
Babe you bring the best of the worst out in me

Now you're asking me to come home to you
But your eyes tell a lie, and the Blues tells the truth
So I'm leaving behind the best love that I've known
And I follow the signs, to that old lonesome road
I got the blues burning deep inside of me
Won't pick up that phone, I'm breaking free
Babe you bring the best of the worst out in me
Track Name: All night long
You never regret what you don't say
Don't look back, you ain't going that way
Walking a thin line between crazy and insane
I love to hear you whisper my name
Y'know your voice is just like a song
Singing all night long

Nero danced while Rome burned
Through tragedies the world still turns
They say that the lord works in mysterious ways
And my mama said, it's just like that some days
Your loving keeps me going strong
All night long

The temptress with the apple
and a serpent in the grass
You won't miss your time in Eden
Until it's finally passed

Sometimes the days just last too long
And sometimes right just comes out all wrong
Searching for a word, try to write it in a song
But some nights the darkness is much too strong
I feel the Blues coming on
All night long
Track Name: Shadows
I remember as a child
Running free, running wild
Now those days are far behind, you're torn inside
When I look into your eyes
And see the sorrow you can't hide
I'm still searching for the light that used to shine

The shadows soon begin to fade,
The sunlight of a brand new day

I'll never know just how or why
They broke your spirit, changed your mind
I miss your laugh, miss your smile, I miss your pride
You were searching far and wide
You never wanted to be tied
But they dragged you to the ground and left you dry

The shadows soon begin to fade
Sunlight of a brand new day

Keep the faith, I'm by your side
I know some day you're gonna fly
Doesn’t matter where you go, enjoy the ride
Now it's time to lose the blinds
Now it's time for you to rise
Now it's time to raise your head and dry your eyes

The thunderheads have blown away
Fresh new air, a breath of change
The shadows soon begin to fade
Sunlight of a brand new day

Raise your head and face the sky. Now it's time for you to shine
Now the time has finally come for you to rise
Track Name: Storm
Clouds rolling in, whistling wind, I feel it's gonna rain
The storm is coming, gonna wash away my pain

Opened my eyes, looked for the light, could not see a thing
The storm is coming, we'll see what the day will bring

Feel so blue, can't find the truth, hidden in a forest of lies
The storm is coming, gonna separate the fools from the wise

The sky's on fire, it's down to the wire, hope I make it home alright
The storm is coming, time to get ready for the fight
Track Name: Old school
Take our coffee black
Drink our whiskey neat
Don't come in our kitchen
If you can't take the heat
We came up the hard w
Last of a dying breed
When we get to rocking,
you best be on your feet
You might think we're washed up
Nothing but old fools
But we're rock'n'roll
– We're old school

Life is what keeps happening
While we keep on trying
The best part of the trip
Is on the uphill climb
We've been through all the wringers
Done everything twice
Been messed with by the best
Seen all the loaded dice
Try to keep us down
Someone changed the rules
But we're rock'n'roll
– We're old school

Our color might be faded
Fender's full of dents
We're rusty on the edges
But we ai'nt done yet
Got to keep on pushing
Something's got to give
We Live to play,
And play to live
You think we're out of style
But the ladies say we're cool
But we're rock'n'roll
We're old school